We are constantly surprised by how few people know what Estate Sales companies are or what we do. We’ve been in business now for more than 10 years and it still seems like most people don’t really understand what an Estate Sale is or what a truly professional Estate Sale company does. 

More and more baby boomer aged children are facing the challenge of senior parents who need to move to assisted living facilities or retire to senior communities. If you face this challenge, it is likely you have little idea where to start and your parent(s) don’t either. 

You probably never even considered having an estate sale to help fund the move and downsize at the same time. An Estate Sale can be very beneficial when downsizing for retirement or to move a senior parent to a better living situation. Some of our most successful sales have been with Seniors or their families needing to move to a smaller residence. The task of what to do with a house full of stuff can be very daunting. 

Calling us is the best first step if you or your parents need to downsize before moving to a senior independent living community. We can come in and do a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to see how feasible an estate sale might be. Usually, it is a great option. For sure there are times when it won’t work, but we have found people are often surprised about the amount of valuable, salable items they were just going to leave behind, donate or throw away. 

If we find it is not a good option or more than just an Estate Sale is needed, we also work with a network of professionals who can make this transition easier for you and your parents. One company we work with can help organize what you want to keep, donate and sell before you move. We have Realtors who specialize in selling homes for seniors needing to downsize also. Calling us first could alleviate a lot of future headaches even if we don’t end up hosting a sale for you or your family. 

Moving after 30 or more years in a home can be overwhelming for anyone. If you’re tasked with this and feeling overwhelmed and just want to pack it all up and put it in storage, or worse, throw it all away. Don’t. Call us first. We can evaluate your situation and help you get a handle on things. Too many times we get calls long after the planning has started and we discover families have thrown away or donated potentially valuable items or simply been unnecessarily stressed by a process we have done hundreds of times. 

With our growing network of other professionals, we don’t just help with the Estate Sale, we can help you find people to organize the whole move and even sell the home afterward. 


Contact us today to schedule your estate sale.


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