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Block Auction House

Block Auction House was born out of a necessity to help our clients with valuable pieces and collections. Aaron’s Estate Sales was contracted to liquidate the MOTOWN Mansion in Detroit, MI and what we found was a treasure trove of never-before-seen artifacts once owned by the founder of Motown Records.

From this historic auction Block Auction House was launched to help all of our clients with items that deserve a worldwide presence. We have handled pieces and collections from all over the United States and have sold thousands of amazing items all over the world.

Benefits of Auctions:

– Realizing the full potential for your items 

– Producing fair market value through competitive bidding

– Global reach means more buyers

– Items professionally sold online

– Worry free, our team will handle everything.  

– More Convenient – Buyers can bid when and where they want.  

– Less Stress – Taking items off site eliminates having people in your home. 

Estate Sales are by far the best way to sell 98% of items found in a home. The other 2% of more valuable and rare items that need a worldwide presence, that’s where Block comes in.

Our Results

The Auction Process

Our auctions are simple but effective with the goal of maximizing sales results for our clients.

Send us photos

Fill out our auction form and send us some photos. We will let you know which items are right for auction and if the collection is extensive, schedule an in-home consultation.

Pick up Or Drop Off

Our team can pick up items or you can drop them off. We can coordinate pickups across the US as well.


Before your items hit the auction block, our team will photograph, research and do all the advertising and marketing to buyers across the globe.


Each auction is held online for two weeks on multiple sites to ensure that buyers will have enough time to find what they are interested in.


After the auction you will get a full report on what each item sold for along with your payment!


Our customers love what we do

You can learn more about selling and buying with Block Auction House.

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