Client & Customer Testimonials

Aaron and his crew were amazing. He is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, his goal was to always work for the customer and do everything possible to make it a good experience. They spent days making sure everything was properly priced and staged to make the home inviting and took the time to cover the flooring and bagging up all the trash. We were amazed at the job they did considering there was 60 years of accumulation and that there was hardly anything left. Even though it was a time of loss they made the whole experience bearable. Thanks again.

I used Aarons Estate Sales in November. They did estimates, ran the estate sale, did all the advertising that went with it. I had a lot of stuff from my mother, my grandmother, and my ex-wife. I had an estate sale to sell as much as I could. They gave me an estimate of what I would profit from the sale and they doubled that number. It was a very pleasant surprise. They did a really good job.

We interviewed other estate sales companies and chose Aaron's Estate Sales because of their enthusiasm, fair price, services to be performed and reviews on Angie's List. Aaron’s team worked most of 4 days setting up and organizing the house contents, pricing, and placing advertising. They were very flexible and cooperative and respected our requests of what areas of the home could be used while doing the sale. They handled everything very professionally.

Aaron and his staff sorted, priced, categorized, and set up all items in the home for an Estate Sale. They did an AMAZING job!!!! I can't believe the amount of items that were sold. Aaron brought in surveillance cameras to keep an eye on some of the jewelry, etc. He made my life a lot easier during this process. The experience was fabulous !! Aaron was professional, always on time for ALL appointments, personable, respectful, helpful, and it was an all around pleasure to work with him and his staff. Aaron's staff was also very professional, courteous and they all had great personalities. I checked other estate sale companies prior to contracting with Aaron's Estate Sales, and I have to say none looked as professional as his company. This was truly a seamless experience. I would not hesitate one minute to hire Aaron's Estate Sales again. He gets an A+ from me!!

We used Aaron's Estate Sales to run the estate sale for my late grandmother's possessions. Aaron and his team were great to work with. The estate sale was a huge success and we were very happy with the turn out. Aaron came recommended from the broker we were using to sell the house. My grandmother was once an antiques dealer, and he knew his stuff when he came to the first consultation. The sale was run very professionally and the majority of the items were sold.

Aaron's team came in 2 weeks early and took charge of the entire project start to finish! They inventoried every item (50 years worth), did the necessary research to provide competitive pricing, and eventually staged the entire home with displays, cameras and supervision to ensure a secure, safe, and efficient sale. Aaron's skill in pricing was key to generating a profitable and complete sale. They conducted a 3-day sale, which generated thousand of dollars while attracting hundreds of visitors each day. The entire process went off without a hitch and even the neighbors were impressed with the quality event! We would recommend Aaron for anyone who needs to do an estate sale.

I've used Aaron's estate sales both as a buyer and referred numerous customers to them as a Realtor. My clients have all been thoroughly impressed with this company's professionalism and organization. They really make it more than an estate sale and more of a retail experience. Plenty of friendly staff are available through the sale to answer any questions. I've been to a lot of estate sales and worked with a lot of different companies. After a few experiences with this company, I can't imagine referring clients to any other estate sale company.

This company has a hardworking owner and a warm friendly staff. The sales are thoroughly set up with all items priced to accurately represent their client. The owner is approachable and does his best to remain true to the responsibility he has to his clients and still give the buyers the best price possible. A+++

Great communication and customer service! My favorite Estate Sale Co. These guys really know how to make their customers happy. Looking forward to future sales. Thanks again!

One of the most organized estate sales I've shopped. Easy to navigate and can always find some cool stuff.

Aaron provided a full service estate sale, including set up and broom ready clean up, the sale went wonderfully. Aaron and his people were genuinely helpful and professional. They were extremely accommodating to us as homeowners and behaved equally towards all the "customers" at the sale. Prices were spot on. They sorted the donations from the "chaff" and hauled away the trash as promised. Aaron was very helpful in referring us to charities for our donations.

Aaron was prompt, professional and responsive during the entire process. He sorted, cleaned, and displayed literally thousands of items from our home. Our house was the repository for things from many branches of the family, and there is no way we could have sorted, packaged and distributed it on our own. We tried and gave up about 1/3 of the way through. We found Aaron on Angie's list, and when he came for an estimate we learned that he did all aspects of this process. While we had some "antiques", most of the contents were what we considered "just old stuff'. We did not expect much financially, but welcomed the service of just getting rid of things so that we could actually move. Aaron has a very significant following. He displayed a large number of pictures of the sale items on his web page. The sale ran for three full three days, and although a good deal of items were left, the results far exceeded our expectations.

Aaron handled a true estate sale for me last weekend and did a masterful job. It was a house packed full of amazing things -- high end stereo equipment, antique dolls, hundreds of books and CDs, art work, tons of craft and art supplies and loads of crystal, china, high end clothing, knick nacks, clocks and you name it. Thousands (seriously!) of individual items were neatly arranged and priced individually and fairly -- in some cases very inexpensively -- and Aaron and his talented staff dealt with hundreds of shoppers daily with a positive attitude and kindness. They spent two full weeks setting up for the sale, researching values, organizing chaos into a shoppable environment. He even found missing valuables hidden in a Christmas tin and arranged for their sale. He's ethical, a pleasure to deal with, and runs one of the best estate sale services in town. I've been at all of them, and I chose Aaron because I think he is head and shoulders above the rest. If you need to hold an estate or moving sale, I highly recommend Aaron's.

I've encountered several estate sales companies but no one is like Aaron's Estate Sales. When it's comes to professionalism, knowledge, care for the family and managing the sale, Aaron's sets the bar. There are several companies capable of managing estates but Aaron's team truly made this entire process seemsless and put all our worries at bay.

So well run...staff, service, everything. Very professional. No fees on credit cards like all the others charge!

Did a great job for my family. I have recommended them more than once.

I always find something I can't leave without! Their sales are very organized and professional!

I've only been to one sale so far but I thought it was very organized and well priced. I'm hesitant to leave this review because I want to keep them all for myself!

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