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Everything you need to know about having or attending an estate sale.  

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Yes! We welcome anyone to attend our estate sales. The list of our upcoming sales can be found on the upcoming sales page.

Street Numbers is the number system that we use to let people into the home at the beginning of the sale.

How it works is the first person that arrives at the estate sale has the option to be number one. That person then makes his own numbers keeps number one and passes out the rest of the numbers as more people arrive at the sale. The person that is handing out numbers has to stay at the sale location and pass out numbers until we open. Everyone one else can go do whatever they would like until we open. We always open the doors at ten o’clock sharp.

Our Aaron’s – Early Access Program is the first of its kind in the estate sale industry! You can join by clicking here.

All members of AES Early Access get 15 minutes early admission to every day of every sale! You sign up on our website and once logged in you can browse our sales and click the “sign up for early access” button on that sales page.

No, we do not do any presales. Everything in our photos is in our sales unless the client pulls an item. The only way to get in early to Aaron’s Estate Sales is to sign up for our Aaron’s Early Access Program Here

Yes. Most of our estate sales are fairly busy, especially on the first day. Please be prepared to arrive early and dress appropriately for the current weather conditions. Don’t want to wait in line? Click here to join Aaron’s – Early Access Program.

99.9% of the time the answer is yes. We have had a few incidents where the owners have pulled an item from the sale the day before it opens. We always try to update our description and photos in that event.
We offer a same-day refund to customers with a receipt for an item that they have purchased and found to be in a non-working condition. We check all of our electronics and try to only offer items that are in working condition. If an item is marked as-is we will not be offering a refund.
We accept credit cards, cash, cash app, apple and google pay! We never charge a fee on credit card purchases! We no longer accept checks.
At this time, we do not offer any delivery service but we do work with several local movers and we will provide you with those names and numbers upon request.
No, they are not. All the items in the estate are available for sale during our open sale hours only.
Yes, we do. Our first day is always full price. We will offer a reduction in price throughout the sale. We always post the following percentage reduction on our website at the closing of each day.

No, we do not have a store. We offer the entire contents of someone’s home for sale at their location. You can find the information for each of our sales on our upcoming sales page.

We have an Item Request Text Hotline, that during the sale you can text us about items at the estate sale. We are unable to answer pricing inquiries for our customers before the sale opens. This is due to the high volume of requests and pricing not being finalized until we open.   

We are more than happy after the sale has opened to answer any pricing or availability questions. The best way to reach us on a sale day is to TEXT US on our Item Request Text Hotline: 248-988-9824

Yes. We encourage our customers to share their offers while they are shopping the sale with one of our staff members. If we cannot accept the offer on that day the staff member will give you an offer card to fill out and leave your name, number, item name and offer.
Yes! We have a star program! Every transaction $50.00 or over get you a star! When you accumulate 10 stars you will get an email with a $15.00 off coupon! Sign in at our registers using your phone number to log your transaction for our star program!
Yes, you can. We will give you a pickup receipt for you to pick up the item. We require you to pick up items during regular sale hours.
No, we do not hold any items before the sale begins, during the sale you can call and we will accept payment over the phone and hold items for you to pick up that day.
We do have staff available at each sale to assist in carrying light items to vehicles if needed. The main role of our staff is to ensure the home is protected, prevent theft, and sell merchandise. For this reason, we ask that you bring assistance for any large items such as appliances, sofas, mattresses, large cabinets, etc. If you are unable to bring assistance, our staff will help to the best of their ability!
Any smaller items you can pick up and are available to place on hold behind our register area. Larger items have a large price tag. Pull the tag off the piece of furniture and let a staff member know so they can mark the item sold. When you’re ready to check out, take the tag to the register area.

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