4 Reasons Winter Is The Best Time For An Estate Sale

Around This Time Of Year I Get Asked A Lot, “Is Winter Time A Good Time To Do An Estate Sale?”

Here are 4 reasons it might just be the best time to hold your estate sale, even in Michigan in the winter.


Reason #1: Less Competition

Winter may just be THE BEST time to hold an estate sale. During spring and summer there hundreds of Garage Sales or Yard Sales to compete with in the winter. There are also fewer estate sales companies doing sales, which leaves us (and you) on a pinnacle. Plus, in Michigan, people aren’t afraid to trek through a little snow to do some shopping or get a good deal.


Reason #2: Better Buyers

There are a lot of dealers and resellers who make their living buying and selling from estate sales and similar venues. In the summer they have a lot more choices and so any one sale may only see 3 or 4 of these high quality buyers. With fewer wintertime options your estate sale will attract more of these buyers looking for quality, high ticket items.


Reason #3: The Holidays bring more shoppers

With the holidays people are always looking for a good deal on gifts or things for themselves. People are in a shopping mood and holding an estate sale in winter can cash in on this for you.


Reason #4: You Need To Do it Now

For most of our clients having an estate sale is a matter of need. Having lost a loved one, going through a divorce, change of job or any other major life transition is not something that can be “put off to a better time”. The fact is you probably need to do this now. Our purpose with this list is so you can see that having a winter estate sale may just be the best timing you could have. Whatever your reason for having your estate sale, our purpose is to help you have as little stress as possible and get you a fair price for all of your valuable property.

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