50% OFF Warren Estate Sale

50% OFF Warren Estate Sale

February, 2 202410:00 am - 4:00 pm
February, 3 202410:00 am - 4:00 pm
February, 4 202410:00 am - 4:00 pm

First floor 


Reclining loveseat with cupholders, vintage uniforms, vintage games, bookshelves, glass top metal base side table, vintage safari hat, large Dreamcatcher, glass top wood base side table, figurines, statues, mid century modern wall art, vintage puzzles, jewelry, jewelry boxes, zippo lighters, Watches, Amber charm, antique photos in tiny brass frames, vintage postcards, military whistles, mother-of-pearl binoculars, Jurassic Park cards, vintage pipe, vintage baseball cards, vintage Star Trek items, vintage Star Trek cards, Vintage knives, vintage patches, vintage pocket knives, Star Trek 3-D chess set, military hatchet, cufflinks, bracelets, tens, large aluminum horse sculpture, car VHS rewinder, VHS DVD player, VHS tapes, CDs, Panasonic, Magnavox Radio and tape player, mid century modern candlestick holders, Wedgewood vase, elephant sculptures, I will figurine, Valová clock, signed pottery, tea cups and saucers, vintage leather jackets, wall art, vintage Eddie Bauer jacket, mid century modern armchair, MCM Bassett dressers, pins, penance, vintage books, MCM wall clock, vintage cameras, vintage ottoman, oil on canvas wall art, vintage German items, World War I, World War II, office chair, tallboy dresser, luggage, vintage hunting jacket, HP printer, rifle cleaning kits vintage, multi drawer organizer, mid century modern desk, antique books, MCM work light, wood wall art, German prints, vintage electronics, vintage magazines, vintage toys, vintage Steins, Vintage bakeware, vintage kitchen wares, vintage knife sets, Keurig coffee maker, corning ware, staub grill pan, antique bread box, coffee cups, soup cups, MCM glasses, pots and pans, tea pot, Eminem spice rack, utensils, MCM candlestick holders, made in Denmark, MCM serving trays, salt and pepper shakers, Tiffany glasses, antique silverware set, vintage Tupperware, vintage glass, mixer, iRobot Roomba vacuum, Mikasa dish set, MCM dining set, vintage prints, danish furniture industries, vintage and antique photos, vintage cards, stamps, sheet music, Bissell steam vac, antique dining table, antique accordion, vintage pinup art, globe, rotating display cabinet, vintage bookshelf, vases, vintage comics, vintage paper goods, Seiko clock, Swarovski crystal, vintage turntable, fireplace tools, magazine rack, vintage kids rock rocking chair, records, CD players, vintage electronics, cassettes, Victrola, vintage rocking chair, vintage trains, Lionell, vintage knickknacks, belt buckles, table lamp, tile top side table, vintage wood side table, typewriters, slide viewers, slide trays, reel to reel 




Bookshelf, folding chairs, miscellaneous wood, wicker basket, knickknacks, mid century modern dresser, stuffed animals, mid century modern chairs, vintage games, vintage models, Christmas decor, large trunk, metal storage cabinets, antique fan, painting supplies, cooler, vintage books, wood slab clock, reel to reel player, antique table lamp, Lane cedar trunk, vintage hiking pack, miscellaneous tools, metal MCM rolling cart, sharp flatscreen TV, tablesaw, router, hedge clippers, miter saw, entertainment center 




Craftsman snowblower, craftsman compressor, Black & Decker Weedwhacker 



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