SECOND WEEKEND // West Bloomfield Estate Sale with MASSIVE Record Collection

SECOND WEEKEND // West Bloomfield Estate Sale with MASSIVE Record Collection

January, 8 202310:00 am - 4:00 pm
January, 9 202310:00 am - 4:00 pm

Incredible collection of LPs, 45s, 78s, CDs,
Record genres, classic rock, Motown, jazz, blues,doo-wap, rock ‘n’ roll, country, rhythm and blues, film soundtracks, vintage, children’s records, comedy.

Cash out: men’s watches, Invicta, Seiko, Waltham, JFK commemorative coin set, JFK commemorative stamp set, magic the gathering cards, James Dean 45’s, James Brown music memorabilia, beetles in concert super 8 live at Washington DC, beetles in magical mystery tour super eight, the Beatles arrive in America, 8 mm film, 45 and newsreel with heritage auction COA, Beatles pop movies, 8 mm, the Beatles Beatles adventure episode number 126, the man from uncle color pin up set, magic the gathering cards, Marilyn Monroe, collectible cards, JFK, collectible cards, Elvis picture disk, Dick, Clark, American, bandstand, memorabilia, David Bowie, CD, box sets, superman, action figures,  SpiderMan action figures, Limited edition doctor, no James Bond figure, Batman taco racetrack, universal monster toys, Star Trek collectibles, Scarface, action, figure, Godzilla, action, figure, King Kong, action figure.

Vintage Philco radio, vintage RCA record player, Coca-Cola gumball machine, zenith hi-fi speaker, RCA Victor radio, vintage Arven radio, vintage Westinghouse radio, RCA tube radio, vintage cameras: Xena Argo flex brownie Hawkeye, Polaroid, Kodak, AMI music jukebox, Seeburg music system, Crosley turntable, Deca 45 turntable, Vintage airline radio, Seeburg 100 Jukebox, Vintage Zenith console TV, vintage RCA tube TV, Stickley upholstered armchair, Stickley coffee table, Stickley sofa, Stickley Elroy chair with ottoman, mid century modern stereo console, Phantom of the opera poster, Seeburg teardrop speaker, Seeburg select O-Matic Jukebox, Victorola talking machine, Vintage drive-in speakers, Laurel and Hardy table lamps, silver stone radio, vintage orthophonic RCA victor turntable, Mummy S2 great stone lithograph, Laurel and Hardy chalk ware, vintage tube radio, Wurlitzer G411 baby grand piano, Sherrill upholstered armchairs, Henredon coffee table, Henredon sofa, DL Christiansen lithograph, pair framed movie posters, vaulting roll a top 5¢ slot machine, Looney Tunes diecast cars, American graffiti diecast cars, coca-Cola, bicycle, comic books, vintage, mad magazines, digital cameras,
Canon, Lumax, camera lenses, vintage, gumball, machine, Coca-Cola lamps, vintage, seltzer bottles, vintage RCA record player, Flash Gordon collectibles, pistons, bobble heads, Limited addition pistons, figurines, vintage, candy dispenser, collectors phones, kermit, the frog, Woody, woodpecker, Mickey Mouse, E&E, Disney, figurines. Vintage Hamilton, beach, mixers, pots, and pans, collectible, glassware, Emeril toaster, oven,
Fiesta ware, Bada Nova utensils, danced, flatware, Rosenthal flatware, vintage 1930s Kato Kogei coffee set, Rosen Thal china, Bloomingdale’s American Atlier, vintage, Philco, radio, vintage, Falco, TV, vintage, RCA Victor TV, vintage, brass, brutal menorah, set of eights but high-back, Stickley, dining chairs, contemporary granite, top dining room table, fiestaware, pro, audio, rolling, black shelves,Gemini speakers.

Second floor: Autographed pistons jerseys,
Hunter, Stackhouse, Bill Laimbeer, film and pop-culture memorabili, autographed, Rolling Stones autograph record, rat pack, record, original, signed, Marilyn Monroe, watercolor, silkscreen prints After Alexander Calder, Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, set of Swaim suede chairs, vintage Mickey Mouse jackets, Yamaha, PSR – 255 keyboard, five drawer, maple dresser, rock ‘n’ roll legends wall, decor, 1960 for the Beatles wall decor, Disney, lithographs, movie memorabilia, James Bond, terminator, the shining, John Wayne, Paul Newman, the Lone Ranger, Robin, Williams, Star Trek, framed photograph of the Beatles with CBS, television studio ticket, Wizard of Oz, Laurel, and Hardy, top gun, rocking chair, vintage luggage, Muhammad Ali hologram poster, books, contemporary, metal, black, single bed, black, contemporary bedroom, set with desk, superman, memorabilia, Spider-Man memorabilia, Adam West, Batman, memorabilia, Stevie Ray Vaughan, memorabilia, NECA king, Kong, action, figure, back to the future NECA Time Machine, vintage Lionel, Star Trek, Disney, stereograph, Disney, Lithia, lithograph, Charles Schulz collectibles, pencil, signed, etching, if Mickey had been created by Salvador Dali, pencil, signed, limited, edition, print, massage table, legendary, American gangster is memorabilia, Saturday night fever, memorabilia, Smokey and the bandit, memorabilia blues Brothers memorabilia, contemporary, beige bedroom set, ceramic, late century table lamp, Casablanca, memorabilia, pulp fiction, memorabilia, Butch, Cassidy, and the Sundance kid memorabilia, lord, of the rings memorabilia, men’s clothing, vintage T-shirts, men’s blazers, Saks, Fifth Avenue, leather jacket, sports jerseys, film, and music books, coffee, table, book, battles of the Civil War, office chairs.

Garage: HP printers, HP jet pro 6978, HP , OfficeJet, pro 9025, Pro audio, Panasonic, Sony, pioneer,Teac, Numark, Ego electric, lawnmower, flatscreen, televisions, computer, monitor, lawn and garden tools,Ultra HD rolling cabinets, vintage, admiral, televisions, Schwinn bicycle.

Basement: records, CDs, VHS, DVDs, vintage T-shirts, diecast, cars, vintage, 8 mm cameras, Disney watches, Star Wars, collectible, watch, TV and movie lunchboxes, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Superman, lone ranger, Simpsons, Batman, Wizard of Oz, memorabilia, classic monster, movie, figurines, Simpson, figurines, Batman, figurines, X-Men, figurines, Jimi Hendrix, figurine, Star Wars, models, superman, figurines, for bidden, planet, figurines, predator, figurines, RoboCop, toys, Moonlanding, models, Star Trek, memorabilia, comic, memorabilia, vintage photo, Foto electronic football, James Bond collectibles, Sony turntable, Crosley Rhapsody entertainment Center, secretaries desk, Elvis figurines, pro audio, vintage, playboys, vintage, board, games, wood, phone booth, collectible, Elvis, VHS, box set, Coca-Cola, memorabilia, black, shelving racks, Coca-Cola vending machines.



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