50% OFF Ann Arbor Estate Sale

50% OFF Ann Arbor Estate Sale

October, 13 202310:00 am - 4:00 pm
October, 14 202310:00 am - 4:00 pm
October, 15 202310:00 am - 4:00 pm
Geodes, fossils, crystals, vintage belt buckles, signed Detroit Tigers baseball, baseball cards, Dolce and Gabbana cologne, stained Glass art, carved wooden desks, antique stool, Colonial Manufacturing Company Zeeland grandfather clock, tapestries, leather arm chairs, Storage trunk, rolling office chairs, Pottery, plant stands, area, rugs, brass, decor, Cisco, kid, autograph, mid century modern brutalist sculptures, Miro Musulin sculpture, Dining room, furniture, china cabinet, live plants, Lord of The Rings Lothlórien Candle Holder, Carolina Parrot by John James Audubon, Jan Korthals St. Paul’s Cathedral, Al Mattel New Orleans lithograph, Michigan Theater lithograph by Charles Ciccarelli, Pier 1 imports, Libby dining ware, Lenox Olympia PL. teacup set, Rex Johncox co. , Vintage beer openers, Vintage Molson beer company, Studio Nova Adirondack print bowls, Chicago art, Chicago collectors plates by a Franklin McMalon, Bakers rack, McDermont Fruit Company sign, Sports Illustrated first issue 1954, Blown glass, Tribal masks, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Cubs bobble head, Egyptian art, Egyptian sculptures, Egyptian furniture, Wilton Armetale, Nambe 360 bowl, Carved wood instrument, Carved wood chest set, Aztec print woven rugs, Indigenous artwork, Stained glass lamps, Schlitz lighted bar sign, Leinenkugel beer sign, Edelweiss beer sign, Blatz beer sign, Steinlager rugby bar sign, Wooden mallards, University of Michigan, UM, UofM, Jade vases, Media cabinet, CDs, Vinyl records, Wrigley Field street signs, Studio Nova Adirondack print dining set, WhiteClad oak cabinet, Geode coasters, Edmund Fitzgerald photography, New Orleans artwork, Traverse Michigan map, Nautical themed art, Celtic drums, Shillelaghs, Irish drums, Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations, Wood inlaid artwork, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival print 1987, 1933 Monaco Grand Prix Poster, Jimi Hendrix poster, Murphy signed “star gazer” Jim Morrison print 1970, Nightstands, Adidas, Cybernet CP-2000 turntable, Books, Wash basin with pitcher and bowl, African art, African sculptures, desks, Women’s shoes, Bebe purse, gloves, Barrister bookcase, Dressers with mirrors, Samsung TV, Men’s shoe size 12, Starwars C3P0 collectors figure, Wonder Core 2 workout machine, Epson ET-2550 printer, Wrigley Field photography, Wrigley Field artwork, Men’s clothing size large, Men’s clothing size XL, Vintage leather coats, Vintage baseball caps, Vintage men’s belts, Nocona belt co., Kenneth Cole reaction, Harris Tweed suit jackets, Men’s Ralph Lauren dress shirts, Ralph Lauren suit jacket, DiMaro Eleganté necktie, Standun wool jacket, Vintage suede jackets, Sports jackets, Sports apparel, Detroit Redwings suede jacket, Antique Flying arrow snow sled, Kobalt brushledd 80v lawn mower, Toro Super Cycle 6.5 HP lawnmower, Craftsman 4.5 lawnmower, Tecumseh lazy boy 3.5 lawnmower, Weed eater, Earthwise cordless week trimmer, Kobalt 40v leafblower, Toro 850 Super blower/vac, Earthwise cordless leafblower, Toro 700 rake-o-vac, Toro Super blower vac, 14 ft. Ladder, metal dollies, Electric faux fireplace, Lawn chairs, Char-Broil Electric Smoker, Drive mobility walker with seat, Gardening supplies, Lawncare supplies, Plant pots, Antique license plates, Fishing poles, Fishing lures, Car ramps, Easytile deck tiles, power tools, taxidermy mount, Esurance elliptical machine




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