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60% OFF A Warren Estate Sale

Aaron's Estate Sales Presents

A Warren Estate Sale


Friday, June 24th  10 am-4 pm

Saturday, June 25th 10 am-4 pm

Sunday, June 26th  10 am-4 pm


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Living room 

Mid century buffet, End table, table lamp, VHS, comic books, couch, China cabinets, knickknacks, figurines, CDs, speakers, chairs, statues, dolls, signed Yzerman jersey, Tigers pennant, vacuum cleaner, jackets, daisy BB gun, costume jewelry, watches 


Bedroom one  

Vintage clothing, Shoes, mid century shoe rack, dressers, mid-century desk, nightstands, and table, table lamps, furs, vintage chair, VHS tapes, VHS DVD player, figurines, statues, artwork 


Bedroom two 

Fur jacket, leather jackets, Spartans jackets, dolls, stuffed animals, nightstands, mid century China cabinet, sofa, recliner, beanie babies, table lamp, clothing, Artwork, display cabinet, shredder, VHS player, luggage, turntable with tape players, figurines, statue 


 Bedroom three 

 Vintage red wing jacket, pedestal, decorative table lamp, mid century modern clock, singer sewing cabinet, purses, figurines, shelving, dressers, clothing, artwork  



Table and chairs, china set, serving platters, glassware,  silverware, pots and pans, carnival glass, trivets, coffee cups, uranium glass, Tea cups with saucer, spices, metal cabinet 



Mid-century dining table and chairs, upright piano, metal storage cabinets, wood wardrobes cabinets, figurines, statues, silverware, dolls, DVDs, books, records, leather couch, posters, Antique washing machine, bookshelf, table lamps, tape player, vintage flag, vintage eight track player, vintage turntable, mid century modern end tables, portable record player, Chairs, clothing racks, clothing, pots and pans, fondue pot, Christmas decorations, Halloween decoration, Picture frames Antique kitchen cabinet, dressers, Metal cabinetry, refrigerator, wicker baskets, dehumidifier, dryer, antique table, glassware, pots and pans, glassware, dishware, coffee cups, 



Vintage garbage can, lawn figurines, table and chairs, statue, walkers, air purifier, folding tables, rakes, shovels, air compressor, vintage Vernors box 

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