60% OFF 2nd WEEKEND OF A BRIGHTON ESTATE SALE // Native American/Gemstones/Salt & Pepper Shakers - AaronsEstateSales.com

60% OFF 2nd WEEKEND OF A BRIGHTON ESTATE SALE // Native American/Gemstones/Salt & Pepper Shakers

Aaron's Estate Sales Presents

A Brighton Estate Sale



Thursday, December 30th 10 am - 4 pm

Friday, December, 31st 10 am-4 pm

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Beautiful native American Collection, Hummel Collection, 3000+ salt and pepper shakers, antique items, vintage items, sophisticated collection of world books and so much more! A sale you won’t want to miss!

Large Native American Collection of quilts, attire, handmade ceremonial pieces, carved artwork, Native American Decor, dream catchers, walking sticks, moose carved lamp and all things Native American, tribal accessories, native American accessories, large selection of Native American books, genetics, metaphysical, crystals, minerals, rocks, Hummels, salt and pepper shakers, costume jewelry, high-end jewelry, jewelry made of precious stones, turquoise, malachite, quartz, fluorite, spirit quartz, animal decor, Wolf decor, eagle decor, sterling silver jewelry, hand beaded Native American accessories, NASA, woodwork, wood bowls, large assortment of handcarved items, carved bone, ornate jewelry, Oak furniture, king size bed, oak wardrobe, antique sewing boxes, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, Native American shirts, longaberger baskets, Carved animal stone, serpentine base, Crystal spears, small collectibles, mayaN G pieces, candleholders, decorative glass, waterford, turquoise necklaces, turquoise jewelry, precious stone beads, can beaded barrettes, Native American brats, large Dreamcatcher, candles, Native American drums, native arrow, totem poles, Native American instruments, certificate of authenticity of native pieces, native American tribes, Navajo, dine, Moose antlers carving, large collectors items, wood boxes, porcupine sweet grass boxes, arrowheads, soapstone, pearls, original Barbie, Barbie 1961, Native American pottery, Native American quilts, handmade quilts, care blankets, hand stitch, native American rattle
Full kitchen, Drinkware, stemware, kitchen set, serving bowls, serving trays, pottery, coffee grinder, toaster, cups, cooking ware, baking wear, and much more!
4 seasons room
Red futon, and tables, sun decor, miniature wooden rocking chair, turtles, native Decour, porcelain‘s, Native American Collection, Avon and so much more!

Large collection of books, Native American, genetics, science, women’s studies, yearbooks, Native American ancestry, Mayan , ruins, DNA, history, Native American culture, world culture, Fire safe, earth books, Hummel books, encyclopedia’s, educational books, filing cabinets, ancestry, genealogy, geology, physics, science, gardening, quilting, National Geographic, aliens, Alaska, Australia, national parks, gardening, Celtic, purple glass lamp, games, Marinette, puppet, office supplies, office equipment, organizational supplies, labels, office desks, office setting, office supplies, office chair, laptop, computers, speakers, electrical, phones, radios, amazing quilting supplies, sewing supplies thread, needle, quilt making, hand stitch, fabric, and so much more, crafting, 3000 collection of salt and pepper shakers, vintage glass, glass, Fenton blue lamps, I Christmas Decor, storagec records, cds, and so much much more!

Polaris telescope, Native drums, pool table, bedroom furniture, dresser, chair, tredmill, native instruments, Christmas decor and much more

Hammock, patio decor, garden decor, John Deere, snowplow, lawn care, John Deere trailer, gardening, gardening Decor, Grill, and so much more!

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