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45% OFF A Birmingham Estate Sale

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A Birmingham Estate Sale


Friday, December 17th  10 am-4 pm

Saturday, December 18th 10 am-4 pm

Sunday, December 19th  10 am-4 pm

Monday, December 20th  10 am-4 pm


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Handmade watercolors by Brian Jackson, Richard Skelton mixed media art piece, iron man sculpture, antique artifact carved wood elephant, women’s watches, pearls, men’s watches, blown glass art piece, viruses, Japanese prince, Chinese opium pipe, coral sculpture, comic books, baseball cards, baseball figurines, Chinese dishes

Living room
Parisian style settee, ornate wood side table, handmade nativity set, abstract art pieces, fly Japan poster, various posters, women’s beaded necklaces, fabric art, rustic decor, University of Michigan vintage chair, collection of international books, Priscilla mannequin, handmade doll, full length mink fur coat, antique chair, cast-iron standing lamp, mantle clock,

Dining room
Walter of Wabash table, leafs and six chairs, wooden chair, ornate wooden room divider, teacup artwork, Santa Fe artwork, Tia Pulitzer face and hand sculpture collection, carved African art, carved Chinese art, brass pigs, handmade pottery, abstract art pieces, handmade ceramic cups, handmade serving dishes, ashtrays

Glassware, purple wine glasses, art glass, handmade mugs, Asian style planter, tea cups, large collection of crystal bowls, cut crystal paraphernalia, plates, Wedgewood porcelain tea cups, Wedgewood porcelain plates, crockpot, napkin holders carved wood, decanter, serving platters, bamboo circular chair

Office space
Jasper office furniture company late century style desk, Italian poster, wooden rocking chairs, Hitchcock rocking chairs, rattan arm chairs, watercolor artwork by Laura host, solid wood table, large collection of original watercolor art by Laura host, Gordon Laughead piano

Bedroom 1
Flower artwork, antique dresser by valley furniture company, bust of David,

Art studio
mid century desk, artwork, art supplies, bookshelves, shelving, frames, matting, art pieces, easels, unframed watercolors by Laura host,

Bedroom 2
Thomasville dresser, suitcases, art books, print making books, duffel bags, pine computer desk, Sony video cameras, framed artwork, portrait silhouette cutting tool, HP printer, Claria printer, pair of antique end tables

Bedroom 3
Flower artwork, large collection of books, huge collection of baseball cards, dolls, kids toys, bomber jackets

Bedroom 4
Art supplies, books, wire shelving rack, gold mirror, antique box, green vintage secretary desk, Laura host original artwork, Thomasville dresser, children’s books, life ladder, apothecary vases

Large wood framed mirror, University of Michigan 1970 framed sorority poster, goals does, filing cabinet, stationary bike, collection of mugs, collection of frog knickknacks, large collection of ornaments, Christmas decor, music stand, southwest style blanket, metal shelving, board games, kids toys, green wine glasses, chenille blanket, antique oak table, collection of vinyl, 45, nutcracker, yoga ball, peaceful dreaming watercolor by Laura host

Plant stand, planters, wooden chairs, men’s and women’s ice skates, plants, terra-cotta planters, golf clubs, antique furniture, handmade ceramics, decorative tiles

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