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50% OFF A Dearborn Estate Sale

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Friday, September 24th  10 am-4 pm

Saturday, September 25th 10 am-4 pm


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Cash out
Decorative tiles, Burn you baby copyright 1993 framed tile, assorted jewelry, hanging green lamp, women’s earrings, costume jewelry, chunky gold necklace, brass wine aerator, brass letter openers

Family Room
Small stone toad statue, gold leaf coasters with coaster dish, purple cut glass of ornate fan cream pour and sugar holder, fake flowers in triangle vase, gear themed coffee table to part, Glass top table with gold stand two levels, metal firewood holder, gold lamp with decorative gray shade, beaded decorative lamp with metal stand, mirror on metal stand, fake tree in gold pot, fake ivy and vase too, fake ivy and gold pot, 2 Metal chairs in laid like leather, flower pot stand metal and laid like a leather, Large black corner counts six seater, four art themed decorative pillows, one stitch pillow, another stitch pillow, Decorative rug medium tree themed, Tall mirrored lamp stand, small silver metal lamp, ornate metal letter holder, small clock, small letter holder, magnifying glass, antenna configuration, metal lamp gold, small decorative basin palm themed, floral gold room divider, tall glass shelves display case, Four purple glass plates, one purple vase, one purple pitcher, one golden glass floor lamp, one green storage foot rest

Living Room
Large round glass top table with metal elephant stand and five floral rolling chairs, stain black wicker rolling chair, Black wicker basket, assorted cheetah print pillows, fake greenery in vase, three stacked trunks brown, decorative foliage in large gold vase, floor lamp with light extension, no cheetah print trunk with metal stand, Metal birdcage, wine themed box with chain, curved front cabinet with three drawers, secretary desk with curved hatch, two glass two candle candelabra, two glass 3 candle candelabra, For small colored glass vases, three black cushioned bar chairs, Metal and wood ornate Bakers rack six shelves, Clear elephant jar filled with pasta, jar with whole in centerfield with pasta, tall bottle filled with pasta, grape themed picture, red fading to yellow jar filled with matchbooks, gold pitcher, marble turntable, small metal cup, cheetah print bowl, for elephant tea pots, stack of books with stand, vertically grooved pitcher, decorative glass quart decanter, glass display dish with with grapes, glass display dish bubbled cut, cut glass display Dash, yellow stain glass part in metal casing small, Alton six glass decorative butter dishes, Tall yellow bottle, tall red bottle, would smiling bearded mask, screaming wood mask with metal plating, happy bearded man mask, oval mask, brown mask with gold detail detailing, red mask with black detailing, yellow mask with her, assorted African tribal masks, one drawer one cabinet white nightstand, gold wall clock, framed picture of purple flowers,Tiny decorative beaded lamp, small flower shaded lamp,

Dark brown wood display case with bottom cabinet, gone painted the trunk, octagon wood table with 8 cabinets in table, would drop folder trunk with stand, floral stain glass lamp with metal stand, floral stain glass lamp with metal stand floor, Wood queen style secretary desk with the display shelves, Wood side table with leaves two drawers in a cabinet, Word for shelved cased bookshelf, small high table, maroon and white flowers in vase, VCR book covers, small gold mirror, great basket with wicker top, blue floral stained glass lamp with metal stand, retro clock, stitch Christmas teddy bear pillow, hugs and kisses teddy bear, Christmas rabbit, blonde teddy bear, brown dog plushy, light brown dog plushy, assorted books, wine picture plates five, metal bowl, Cut glass pitcher tall, cut glass picture short, cut glass container, small cut glass container, tall cut glass container, cut glass bowl, cut glass top hat clear, cut glass top hat yellow, hanging framed mirror gold

Kitchen/Dinning Room
Christopher Stuart black dress dish set, Ornate metal glass top table with six matching chairs, metal bench, metal wine holder 10, strawberry pie instructional pie dish, cheesecake instructional cheesecake dish, pumpkin pie instructional dish, cherry pie instructional dish, orange slow cooker, Metal grate themed plate display, purples glass plate, metal grape themed plate holder, pink glass play group theme, five large martini glasses, five square plates with assorted chef art, small butcher block cutting board, bordeaux set up for dessert plates porcelainPurple dish set, two brown flowers and vase, leaf-like glass bowl, metal rounded tray, Pyrex measuring cups, glass juicer, floral ice cream scoop, floral pizza spatula, assorted salt and pepper shakers, assorted silverware, assorted spatulas and spoons, white tea kettle, purple tea kettle, long toaster, connoisseur wrong confidence coffee maker, for black gold rimmed coffee mugs, two Sunbeam vintage waffle makers,Six black necked wine glasses, six black next champagne glasses, thick bottom picture small, vintage KitchenAid blender, vintage Oster riser galaxy blender, oyster Iser, metal candle light holder, three decorative glass bottles, vintage swept soda water bottle, Assorted cookbooks, cookbook splash guard and holder plastic, bond fluted to pan Nordic Ware, confetti mugs, black leaf themed strawberry mugs, tall skinny white mugs, tall white blue and purple seashell themed glasses, plastic dish set, plastic bowls, plastic hand basket, purple drinking glasses, four small martini glasses, assorted mugs, Green purple and pink rug, for ornate rugs

Laundry room/Back Hallway
D’Arceau-Limoges decorative plates: Helen 1943, Sophie 1947, Lea 1900, Scarlet 1865, Edith 1915, Bridget 1965, Marceline 1935, Colette 1890, Sarah 1875, Daisy 1925, Allertine 1910; Black stand with gold rods desk lamp, black plastic tissue cover with gold band, metal sticking out holder, Elena made in Switzerland sewing machine, assorted syrups, stained-glass lamp with metal base, Detroit Grand Prix framed picture, Detroit Grand Prix 16 picture, historic Indian village home and garden tour poster framed, historical Indian village centralCentennial home and garden tour, mop and bucket, Chi coat hanger, metal rack on wheels, assorted decorative rugs, white chair,

Bench craft wicker loveseat with floral cushions, two Sanabel end tables, one Sanabel coffee table, one birdhouse, two dark wicker chairs with metal frame, metal framed wicker and table, bench craft wicker lounge chair floral pattern green cushion, bench craft wicker couch floral pattern, wicker foot rest, Bernhard gray couch, metal outdoor patio furniture, multiple moving blankets, assorted decorative rugs two pommel footed wicker chairs, one panel for footed wicker and table, one pommel footed wicker foot rest, two elephant statues, assorted flowers in vases, fish bottle, assorted decorative bottles wrong, wicker basket, fall decorations, floral crap pasta and decorative bottles,Decorative turtles, decorative frogs, large wood Buffay cabinet with glass covered shelves and bottom cabinets, assorted drinking glasses, decorative green plate, large square decorative serving dish, glass vase, plastic chairs, assorted folding chairs, craftsman 5.0 peak HP wet dry vac 16 gallon, watering cans, elephant side table, Wood cat statues, ironing table, turtle statue, Black & Decker extra long cord auto shut off advanced system iron, Schweppes diet tonic water, ladders, blue plastic trashcan, assorted tools, toolbox, gas cans, brooms and rakes, snow shovel, coat hanger,

Long and narrow floral rug, assorted laundry baskets, Pink towels and assorted linens, vintage red Kirby vacuum with tube extension

Master Bedroom
Royal heavy duty commercial vacuum, two small black stained wood floral chairs, glass head jar, four small stain glass bottles, gold stand with gray shade lamp to, black ornate metal clock, round stitch to foot store, metal easel, fake birch tree in pot, black stained wicker furniture with floral cushion in foot rest, small decorative floral rug, small decorative rug, green curved side table with two cabinets, decorative bottles filled with assorted things, teddy bear nightlight, purse bag nightlight, ribbed glass clock, small glass paper wait, ceramic bowl and pitcher grapevine themed, stain glass lamp shade with metal stand, pro-form 730 SI seers treadmill, Fake purple flowers and triangle vase, floral picture frame with glass, ceramic pot themed flower themed cups, large gold plated metal king size bed frame with black background pink flower floral sheets for pillows one throw pillow three decorative pillows and comforter

Master Bath/Closet
Three plastic black and gold banded tissue covers, black plastic gold rimmed trashcan, light purple ceramic tissue cover, light purple ceramic toothbrush holder, white ceramic cup, light purple ceramic soap dispenser, gold framed mirror, green plastic trashcan, two stacks of assorted sticky notes, assorted hair brushes, assorted beauty supplies and cleaning supplies,Salts, candle, salon Siri 16,000 white hair dryer, Helen of troy hair curlers, plastic clock, yellow plastic pitcher,Assorted bags, sort of make up bags, assorted linens, blankets, jacket, assorted scarves, assorted purses, red and black belt ponchos, decorative rug, pink shag bathmats

Bedroom 1
Large green decorative rug, suitcase stand, metal wicker basket, square glass top side table metal stand, wreath, two wicker baskets, Shar-Pei stuffy, two white wicker chairs, flower painting in gold frame, flower with wicker basket seen in frame, small child picking flowers in frame, small child next to great in wall, girl in blue dress near table in frame, three teddy bears, Rufus carnal gold medal Pat, dog with hat, framed mirror, floral shaded lamp, oval framed mirror, floral wall clock, fake flowers in the vase, women surrounding young girl framed, floor lamp, assorted hats, assorted linens, blankets, Metal framed floral themed vintage twins sleeper,

Bedroom 2
Circular mirror gold framed, standing woman framed, three beaded standing women dolls, vintage photograph of girl with cat and porcelain frame, decorative gold box floral, to cut glass candle stick holders, purple teddy bear, woman in red dress framed, purple flower handled container, stitched pillow, decorated birdcage purple, cat nightlight, metal box, cut glass lamp, three spring pencil holders, Panasonic IQ set perfect for alarm and radio, tall floral ornate box, brown and maroon wreaths, elephant side table with glass top, small shoe with flowers, small oval mirror framed, assorted stack of sticky notes, floral Stainglass shade with metal stand lamp, white wall clock, green dressed girl framed, suitcase stand, stepstool, wicker chair, wicker side table with glass top, fake flowers and vase, ceramic flowers in ceramic basket,God equals Grandma statue, pedal shade with metal stand lamp, more stitch pillows, assorted blankets and pillows, assorted textiles, white shag rug,

Large African wood carving of elephants through trees, assorted paint, apple themed dish set, fiat mode zero metal artwork, Ford model T 1908 metal art, Vincent and dag 12 out of 20 HP 1907, broom, Single file card filing cabinet lamp with no shade, box of books, box of baskets, pedal inspired Punch bowl set, assorted vases, assorted glass jars, metal serving dish with blue bottom, ornate metal dish, large punch bowl fishbowl style, large punch bowl set, red punch Set, decorative crystal cut decanter, chromatic glass dish set, vase, small glass bowls, Canadian club imported whiskey whiskey glass for, 7 floral etched glasses, large cut glass punch bowl dish set, floral eight set martini glass, fondue warmer copper played it seem, jar of rocks, Daisy and we seen the glass set plastic set, mixer with tap, black pot, keep your kitchen clean it out sign assorted travel bags and luggage, assorted frames in wall decorations, metal bed frame, assorted decorative rugs, Burton stove top grill, decorative plastic Christmas tree miniature, Christmas dish set, assorted children’s toys, assorted print pillows most common or cheetah print, wooden table with six chairs dining set, wooden cog table, Red plaid arm chairs and foot rest, oval mirror, green and gold stand lamp, Celtic knot chairs set of four, two brown seeded barstools, octagon glass table top, gold framed mirror with eagle, round table, side dresser with six drawers two cabinets, stone end table, captains helmet and oil lamp clock lamp, falls bookshelf with noble figure, picture of chef, assorted floral arrangements in vases, blue and white porcelain lamp with metal stand, green and white ceramic floral lamp with metal stand, red glass lamp with metal stand, white glass lampshade, assorted wicker baskets,Assorted mugs, white and peach pitcher, glass container with glass top, coral themed container glass, seers solid-state radio, IBM 85 typewriter, Teddy bears flashing picture, read Kirby vacuum, barking dog treat jar, textile drawer with for cabinets, entertainment stand with glass stores, side table with two drawers, assorted T-shirts and coat hangers, green bathmats rounded, assorted children’s stuffy‘s, Cheetah print glass container

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