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60% OFF Art Preservation Services Art Inventory Liquidation Sale!!

Aaron's Estate Sales Presents

An Art Sale


Thursday, September 23rd 10 am - 4 pm

Friday, September 24th 10 am - 4 pm

Saturday, September 25th 10 am - 4 pm


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Large assortment of oil paintings, pastel paintings, sketches, drawings, sculptures, frames, abstract art, portraits, landscapes, floral, animal, ships and more paintings.

Louis jaquet
Master craft dining room table with six chairs and two end chairs , Master craft cabinet, Gold gilded frames, Azoulay drawings and etchings, antique marble horses, lee hervey, Brewster lettrell surplus values, USS Arizona fine arts model Birmingham ship in display case, 1988 dollar uncut sheet, Patrick curran Linear towers, Marano stallion glass horse, veiled disk by Ed nesteruk, modernist bronze sculpture by Jean Jacquees porret, large canvases, abstract canvases, gilded gold mirrors, custom frames, decorative paintings, Finly large fruit paintings, silhouettes on canvas, oil paintings, paintings in pixie glass, AL HINTON paintings, Weisebuch drawings, Louis Jaquet, Gessnitzer, watercolor and gold leaf frame by Madeline Rouart, sailboat paintings, portraits, floral paintings, purple lilacs by Claude Beaupre, Goldleaf frames, sketches, prints, Time to drink champagne framed, Palm trees paintings, mermaid paintings, antique furniture, land babies mermaid, rolled up canvases, carol Mazzucato Oil on canvas figures, large mermaid painting, Lady and shipwreck Laforge, smoky quartz crystal clusters, nano Lopez bronze sculptures, Nano Lopez bronze horse, nano Lopez fertility bronze sculpture, chandeliers, azoulay original goldplate harvest moon, azoulay homage to c. Dellepaine, henderdon Buffay, middle Eastern paintings, nano paintings, ship paintings, landscape paintings, garden paintings, leading portrait paintings, children paintings, oil on canvas, acrylic paintings, framed paintings, datted art, decorative art, animal paintings, tree paintings, nude paintings, henry Moore sketches, Marc Chagall, adolf gottlieb, Calder lithograph, Lenard ochtman, ligozzi, Steven and Susan kemenyffy glazed raku ceramic wall panels, Fokker dr1 triplane scale model, barbieri oil on canvas, basssett Oil on canvas landscapes, Beaupre Oil on Canvas floral and fruits, bicknell Oil on canvas landscapes, Bishop floral oil on canvas, Boucher Oil on canvas, Bouvier Oil on canvas, breannan Oil on canvas,calves Oil on canvas, assortment of Cangel Oil on canvas and oil on board, Chen on canvas, cornu Oil on canvas, Daumier floral Oil on canvas, Davis sailboat paintings oil on canvas, finly fruit oil on canvas, galien Oil on canvas, goebel Oil on canvas landscapes, Hofmann wave study oil on canvas, Ivanov Oil on canvas, Johnson oil on canvas landscape and paintings of trees, latour female portraits, lemaire Bouquet of flowers oil on canvas, Lindsey oil on canvas, lukin Oil on board, Marie ducks in a lake oil on canvas , milton Oil on canvas garden portraits, nyborg floral oil on canvas, rine, Roberts horse paintings, roberts animal paintings, Tiger paintings by roberts, Roy oil pastel on canvas, Scott ships painting oil on canvas, sitnikov oil on canvas, Webster and weeks oil on canvas Arab warrior, Arab horseman

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