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70% OFF A Shelby Twp Estate Sale

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Vintage wood stepstool chair, antique wooden side table, antique Chinese bowl, set of Moroccan lamps, Wood shelf, vintage wood bookshelf, vintage three shelf wooden bookcase with glass doors, books, The Harvard classics book set, Parkman’s worms book set, Dante five-volume, Websters three-volume third national dictionary set.


Foyer closet

Dyson vacuum cleaners, Bissell vacuum, vintage table cloths, women’s jackets



Vintage wood desk, large wood Display case with glass doors, vintage bookcase with glass doors, set of 2 large wood six shelf bookcases, antique wood Display cabinet with glass doors, stuttered leather armchair, Wood directories stand, antique bookcase with metal bars, books travel, history, military, 54 volume Britannica Great books set, Time life the old west book set, voices of the Civil War book set, The stories of civilization book set, Time life World War II book set, Photographic history of the Civil War book set, The Annals of America book set, Library of art books set, The cultural atlas of the world book set, Great ages of men book set, the seafarers Book set, The great ideas today book set, bronze and Wood Lincoln portrait bookends, World War I memorabilia, vintage posters, leather-bound 1896 Webster’s international dictionary, Ironhorse battle drills book set, slide rules, Grace cassette tape deck, vintage dolls. 


Dining room

Moroccan rug Bernard Simonds late century dining table, set of six wood dining chairs, vintage Jingdezhen China sets,set cobalt blue Ciao II plates, set of  Ouate cobalt Blue plates, set of Gallery cobalt blue bowls, Espana cobalt blue plate set, vintage wood display hutch with glass doors, leather recliner, ceramics, glassware.



Wood shelving, Moroccan dish set with tagines, large Moroccan tagine, Asian style teacups, Johnson Bros plate set, Moroccan sangri ceramic pitchers, ceramics, Brass pitchers, Moroccan floral pattern serving bowls, set of four cobalt Storage canisters, vintage wood bookshelf, soda stream, vintage silverplate teapots, large bamboo cutting board, pots pans, Emerson portable icemaker, Clay cookware, vintage serving spoons, glassware, cookbooks, Wood chairs.



Plants, Moroccan rugs, tile-topped Side tables with metal legs, Moroccan Mashrabiya bench, set of Moroccan Mashrabiya chairs, Moroccan Mashrabiya Side table, MoroccanMashrabiya bench, bookshelves books, ornate brass serving tray, vintage ice bucket, woven camel saddlebag, Clay plant stands, antique millstone, carved wood plant stands, set of three wood barstools, antique glass door cabinet, Blue Moroccan lamp, Moroccan candlestick holders antique gourd Flask, rocking chair, set of two white sofas, Maroc in pillows, Mabef wood easel, brass magazine stand, ceramics, decor, shelving tile water fountain. 


Living room

Camera lenses, Nikon cameras, Minolta camera, Mamiya camera, vintage Eastman Kodak camera, Kenco 8mm reels & cans polaroid tape 108 film, Kodachrome 40 film, Kodak Ektachrome film, carved Moroccan 2 door cabinet, Yamaha receiver, Panasonic surround sound system, set of mid-century display shelves, Moroccan Burlwood Display easels, Maroc in Burlewood Picture frames, ceramics, vintage slides, reclining leather couch, sheepskin, vintage paper, vintage magazines, ancient ceramics, vintage record shelf, Display cases, ceramics, books, Rifles of Colonial America volume two, thoughts on the Kentucky rifle and it’s the golden age, Records, antique golf clubs with bag, Wood a shelf, DVDs audiobooks, decor, Japanese style ceramic cups, glassware, American revolution commemorative plates, glassware, Maroc in Burlewood cigar box, camera tripod‘s, J.Gattegno Cairo plates, Japanese prints vintage paper, Columbian Centinel newspaper from 1818. 



Costume jewelry, vintage postcards, boatswain,s call, vintage purse, military memorabilia, vintage pocket knives, Swiss Army knives, vintage brass lighter, watches, Italian red coral necklace, brass Asian locks, vintage drafting set, Moroccan jewelry, civil War commemorative spoons, Korean war maps, hand-forged knives, first legion American revolution Handpainted metal soldiers, Red wine appreciation kit, arrowheads, 120mm Abrams tank sabot, foreign currency, vintage capital stack certificates, Howard Stern signed calendar, vintage military poster, Vivitar belt buckle, calligraphy ink, vintage buttons, Russian World War II propaganda poster. 


Second floor

Bookshelves, books, vintage Asian umbrella, vintage ceramics, vintage clothing rack, handwoven Moroccan scarf.


Master bedroom

Antique eight-drawer wood dresser, set of antique five-drawer wood nightstand, antique wood cabinet with six drawers, Handpainted Asian style box, coat rack, Dyson vacuum, set of white ceramic lamps, military hats, Moroccan Burlewood jewelry box. 


Bedroom two 

Wood top desk with filing cabinets, Office chair, antique six-drawer dresser, needlepoint rocking chair, Epson printer, bookshelves, books, two-drawer metal filing cabinet, Journal of military history. Book set, vintage briefcases, Moroccan Burlewood paper organizer, baskets. 


Bedroom three

Ethan Allen six-drawer dresser, bookshelf, Moroccan lamp, greatest books of all time 54 volume set, Sanyo TP 1030 turntable, Memorex record player, Kenwood KR-4010 receiver, Technics SA-400 receiver, Teac receiver, art and history books. 



Vintage wood desk, vintage trains, bookshelves, books, military, history, Fiction, classic literature, Office chair, large wooden media cabinet. HP wireless printer scanner. 



Set of Rod iron and Woodbenches with matching tables.



General dynamic china said, glassware, small Moroccan pillows, desk, Nordic track treadmill, bookshelves, books, rifle wall mount rack, gun case, bow flex, vintage projector, military memorabilia, Korean war memorabilia, military footlockers, Records, shelving, audiobooks, Electric Voice speaker, Wood planes, Wood chisels, Block plans, wet stones, vintage handtools, craftsman workbench, vintage Sears work center, Black & Decker drills, Sjobergs workbench, vintage toolboxes, Wood clamps, ceramics, tap loading freezer, large Moroccan woven blanket, small Moroccan rugs, leather rifle hardshell case, glassware, table and chair set, Weight bench, Technics stereo. 



Moroccan Burlewood slabs, Clay pigeons, Lee bullet mold, Lyman lead melting pot, cast-iron lead melting pots, lead ingots, Walkers ear protection 3M ear protection, Remington rifle support, Caldwell rifle support, Canvas, and leather bags, Hamic, large roasting pots, Stanley wood planes, Block plane, antique piece of railroad track, Handtools, gardening tools, craftsman circular saw, toro snowblower, Worx Leaf blower, vintage jerrycan, Toro super blower, coolers, wood, shelving.

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