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Aaron's Estate Sales Presents:

An Inkster Estate Sale


Friday, February 12th  10am-4pm

Saturday, February 13th 10am-4pm

Sunday, February 14th 10am-4pm


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Vintage dolls, puppets, plastic skull, bust of mannequin, tall dresser, and tables, large wardrobe, brown arm chairs, cat things, cat decor, Halloween decor, doll clothing, angles, ceramic angels, porcelain angles, lamps, clocks, crowns for dolls, artwork, vintage Santa’s, stuffed animals, small dolls, large dolls, statues, figurines, toy tea set, decor, trinkets, porcelain shoes, porcelain hand holding purse, wall work, abstract paintings, cat paintings, cat phrases, word boxes, fan, vaccuume, humidifier, lamp shade, jewelry boxes, table trays, small trays, doll chairs, doll house items. Wall mirror, glass art work, religious items, crucifix, Roseville pottery, antique jewelry, antique pens, antique brooches, ester decor, antique pull bottles, perfume bottles, treasure dolls, made in Japan dolls, antique German dolls, mohair bears, James Rizzi “Lucky in Love” numbered 5/175, deborah kashdan art


Vintage toy room upstairs:

Mannequin,Toy robots, Futurama bender action figure, The Wizard of Oz 50th anniversary collectors edition six dolls, Monkey with cymbals toys, A dick Tracy 2 way wrist watch, Magic Mary and magnetic paper dolls, Schyilling game, Toy guns, Croquet mini game, Arrhythmic quiz, Scrabble, Metal Playland merry go round, Vintage Pinball games, Toy blocks, Zathura adventure is waiting, Vintage bugs bunny, Vintage rocket racer, Vintage toy spin tops, Vintage jack in the box, Hop a lion Cassidy toy, Porcelain dolls, Vintage , cars/vehicles/boats, Fire brite copper enamel swirling set, Vintage pedal car fire engine, Electric fans, Guitar stand, Jewelry boxes/cases, Gene in Monaco doll, Floor lamp and shade, More vintage robots/toys, Multiplex whammond typewriter, Glass clock, Wooden shoe molds, Various figurines animal and human, Books, Gi joe kit, Walker with arm supports, Suitcases, Portable heaters, Woven baskets, Christmas decorations

Upstairs closet areas:

Vintage clown, wobbles vintage cars, Cy 100 tank, Vintage clowns, Doll books, Vintage monkey riding horse, Aerodrome airport control tower, DVDs, CDs, Romance and science fiction books, Headless mannequin, Wooden table, Globes

Left upstairs room:

Midwest of cannon falls dolls, Hecho doll, Random babies/dolls, Desk light, Frames, Knickknacks, Paintings, Puppets, Margie doll memories from a scrapbook,, Floor lamp,, Doll furniture, Office chair, Wooden doll, Creepy doll heads, Bins of dolls, Glass cases, File cabinets, Curio cabinet, Dee Foust collectible dolls for Bethany Love, Bin of stuffed bears


Instapot lux mini, Vases, Candle holders, Cake plates, Mugs, Straws, Glass butter dish, Hamilton beach red toaster, Glass jar with red lid, Specimen glass display, Pots, Pans, Colorful vases, Kids tea set, Woven chest, Decorative bowls, Metal chicken, Ceramic eggs, Red keurig, K cup holder, Glass cake holders, Coffee infuser, Glass dish lids, Silverwear, Kitchen utensils, Donut pan, Candle holders, Serving platters/dishes, Coffee sign, Gorham nickel-plated 3 piece cat ornament set, rectangle serving china platter, 2 lenox stieff collection, 2 bordello pinmeiro plates, Nikko fine tableware floral platter, small floral china plate, multiple mugs, floral Corelle plates, essential home blue stripes bowl, matceramica blue bowl, corelle dishware, insulated gravy server, Aladdin Mason jar mugs, glassware, j.a. henckels knives Kringle glass bird ornaments, mini decorative plates, oval butterfly paper weight, mini metal crowns, snowman cuddling a cat decoration, Santa riding a bike decoration, metal bird decoration, mini ballerina china jewelry box, small wooden chair decoration

Living Room:

Abstract blue and pink wall painting,  Dark wood display cabinet, lightwood display cabinet, abstract painting of a woman sitting, brown and blue toned painting of sleeping person, various paintings, 3 tiered round end table, coat rack, floor lamp,  Handsewn stuffed bear, jester figures, vintage doll in white and pink outfit, Vintage doll in Royal blue outfit,  Wood figures in Victorian styled dresses, Doll chairs, small porcelain cups, original sleiff stuffed bear and rabbit,, Snickerbocker 75th anniversary bear,  Midwest of Cannon Falls Sagamore Hills Bear, Cottage Collectives by Gang bear, Large assortment of stuffed bears, Brown Recliners, white glass candy dish, cream ceramic table lamp, small oil lamp, minamiyama seitosho tea pot, electric candle, Porcelain birdcage decor, Wittnauer barometer, Ningyotsuki Koitsukihime doll, Queen Doll, Sleeping baby doll in yellow floral outfit, Boot pin cushion, Ceramic display shoes, Victorian doll in white floral dress, Compass display art, small metal jewelry box, large ceramic table lamp, ceramic angel holding a star, cross candle holder, Birdnest Music box, small cherub wall art, posable wooden angel figurine, large blue doll dress, Bethany Lynn Originals doll, tall hand sewn doll with ceramic head, distressed wood angel statue, hand carved wood sheep, wood figure playing trumpet, full body posable figure, half body posable wooden angel, monkey hand puppet, ceramic children in a basket display art, Hamalon Tree glass vase, Display cabinet, 5 tier wooden display shelf, Angel figure in gold and white dress, full body metal angel, brown armchair, Daniel Dakota Quartz mantel clock, small bird decor, snowbabies, wooden St. Catherine of Siena wooden figure, Paper  machè posable figure, posable hands, glass fish decor, various posable figures, small metal crowns, various dolls in Victorian styled dresses, blue glass vase, yellow glass vases, orange glass art, brown armchair, tan floral area rug, Sanyo tv, reuge s reuge silent night, dark wood Jewelry bix, various posable dolls, large wall mirror, console table, fake shrubs

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