Do you love odd-jobs & side-gigs?  

We’re looking for enthusiastic, sales/set-up staff to work with our team on an on-call basis! Can you easily drop into a situation to come up with solutions and help our team meet urgent deadlines? Do you enjoy helping people and think you make a great salesperson? Become a part of our on-call team, for weekends & “once-in-a-while” work!


Work with us...

Our aim is to improve the estate sale industry. We don’t require experience in estate sales, in fact we are especially seeking candidates whose background is in another area. We want people with fresh eyes who can take their skills and work with us to re-shape how things are done, while maintaining the best of what we do. We’re looking for hard-working individuals who want to be a part of our team, “on the side.” Even as on-call staff, we expect team members to keep in mind our top priority to care for both our shoppers and clients.


About Estate Sales

Estate sales involve liquidating the contents of a home as quickly as possible (usually over 1-3 days). We clean, reorganize, stage, and price the whole whole home, and then conduct the sale. It is similar to a retail environment, but quicker paced with the freedom to create and innovate.





Who We’re Looking for
We’re looking for people who are excited about helping out a growing, evolving company!  

  • Hardworking, reliable, and honest!

  • Can easily jump into the tasks of the day

  • Excellent people skills and comfortable in a sales environment.

  • Comfortable working on deadlines, completing tasks with urgency

  • Knowledge about antiques and/or retail are a bonus, but are not required.

  • Able to use technology: Literacy on google docs. Ability to utilize phone applications for both clock-in & scheduling.

  • Are physically comfortable lifting and moving up to 20lbs

  • Have access to reliable transportation.


More About the Job
We’re looking for great people to join our on-call team. This job requires you to learn quickly, stay on your toes, and chat with customers. This is a very active job-- you will be on your feet most of the day. Some lifting and carrying of furniture and household items is involved. The team leads the initial cleaning and set up, along with retail on sales day. After initial training, team-members should be comfortable working collaboratively and self-identifying tasks.

Depending on the shift, responsibilities may include:

  • Cleaning up the house: Cleaning the house and individual items. This includes trash removal and wiping down items before displaying them along with vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc.

  • Staging the home: This includes moving furniture and individual items (clothes, dishes, books, etc.) to appropriate locations in the home.  Sorting and grouping similar items. For example, if we find office supplies in four different areas of the house they would pull them all together in one location.

  • Retail: Being welcoming and helpful to all customers is a must! Team members are expected to greet shoppers, help locate items, carry items, put items on hold, and offer to grab shoppers a basket (or take a full basket to the sold shelves). Playing an active sales role is ideal.

  • Moving Furniture and household items: During set-up or a sale you may be asked to help move something (up to 20lbs) you should be physically fit enough and comfortable with this type of activity.

  • Helping where needed: Team members should always be in motion-- if you have completed your tasks, you should ask other team members where help is needed.

Compensation & Time Commitment
Aaron’s Estate Sales compensation is $10/hr.

For this on-call position, we are looking for people who’d like to work a few times a month. We have open hours we need additional help with several times a month, often on Saturdays. We generally work Mondays through Saturdays from 9a-4p in southeast michigan, area. Most open shifts will be during sales days, especially Saturdays.


How to Apply

Fill out the online application here (in google doc form):

Application Deadline is rolling. Interviews will begin immediately, on a rolling basis. Employment to begin ASAP.

Aaron’s Estate Sales is an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to inclusion and diversity. Everyone is encouraged to apply.