Qualified Estate Sales Company in Birmingham, Michigan

  • Professional, family-owned and operated estate sale company serving Metro Detroit, including Birmingham and Bloomfield
  • Aaron’s Estate Sales handles entire estate sale process, down to cleanup afterward!
  • Professional, knowledgeable estate liquidators ensure profitable Birmingham estate sale
  • Huge list of contacts to attract to your estate sale!

In the event that a loved one passes away, there is often much exhausting work to be done by immediate family members, including settling the estate and distributing the belongings. What should you do with your late grandmother’s collection of jewelry? What should you do with Uncle Jim’s dining set and shotgun collection? If you are looking for estate liquidation in Birmingham or Bloomfield Michigan, call us today.

Professional Estate Sale Company in Michigan

It can often be emotionally draining to liquidate an estate. You may feel guilty deciding what to do with a close family member’s personal belongings they’ve collected over the years- it can be painful to get rid of items they once loved and enjoyed. Estate liquidation can also be an activity that requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise you simply may not have. That old piece of costume jewelry may look like junk to you, but it could be a piece that collectors are willing to pay hundreds for. Old records, books, clothing, kitchenware, furniture- it may look worthless to you, but certain items may have a great deal of value.  To figure out the worth of each and every item in an estate is a huge undertaking. Save your time and energy to rest, remember fond times with your late loved one, and stay close to your family- Aaron’s Estate Sale Company can help you with estate liquidation services in Birmingham or Bloomfield Hills Michigan.

Aaron’s Estate Sales, LLC is family owned and operated. We are rated by the Better Business Bureau as an AAA rated estate liquidation firm. Our specialty is aiding in estate liquidation by conducting residential estate sales in Southwest Michigan. We serve the Metro Detroit area and concentrate on Wayne County, Macomb County, and Oakland County, including Birmingham.

Aaron’s Estate Sales is a full-service estate sale company that offers a free initial consultation. We will do pricing on all merchandise to be included in the estate sale, including pricing bulk lots that may appeal to antique dealers. We will also make use of our extensive network of collectors and the general public using our website, social media profiles, and network of several different estate sale websites. We also have an e-mail list of customers that have visited our previous estate sales. We will send e-mail notifications to this list of over 2500 names. Aaron’s Estate Sales will handle all the ad creation and placement, and employ our professional and knowledgeable staff to handle the estate sale. Afterwards, we’ll even handle rubbish removal- you won’t have to lift a finger during any part of the process.

We Help You Manage Your Estate Liquidation

We have local contacts in Birmingham, and can refer you to Birmingham businesses and individuals that will help you accomplish other daunting tasks that are involved in the process of estate liquidation after the passing of a loved one. For example, some of the services we can refer you to include:

  • Realtors
  • Property Appraisers
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pet Relocation
  • Contractor
  • Painters
  • Many other metro Detroit estate sale services available to Oakland County and Birmingham

Aaron’s Estate Sales, LLC was founded six years ago to provide personalized and professional estate liquidation and estate sale services to families and individuals in need.  Aaron’s Estate Sales serves Metro Detroit, including Oakland County and Birmingham. The family is our main concern in the estate liquidation process- we have brought in hundreds of thousands through estate sales over the years, and are a top-notch estate liquidation company that will run a smooth, professional and profitable estate sale.

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