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  • Professional, family owned and operated estate sales services in Auburn Hills
  • Knowledgeable employees handle everything from pricing to cleanup
  • Over six years experience getting top dollar for items in your estate sale

When a loved one passes, a lot of responsibility falls on bereaved family members. It can be too much to handle, especially in the midst of grieving. Notifying the family, making funeral arrangements…don’t you wish you could hand off the work to an outside company?

Luckily, in matters of estate liquidation, you can! You don’t have to spend time worrying about how to take care of the items in your late loved one’s estate- we do it all, from pricing down to cleanup after the estate sale. It can be extremely emotionally painful to have to sell items that were loved by a recently deceased family member, not to mention confusing. Aunt Sharon certainly loved her beaded purses, but would anyone else? Are they worth anything? And Grandpa saved all his old military uniforms, but who in the world would have a use for them or want to buy them? Should you just donate Grandma’s collection of ceramic figurines or all the buck antlers Uncle Jack mounted and displayed on the walls of his living room? A lot of specialized knowledge is required to get top dollar for the items in an estate.

Experienced Michigan Estate Sale Liquidation Company

That’s why outsourcing the work of an estate liquidation to a company servicing Auburn Hills, such as Aaron’s Estate Sales, LLC, is a smart idea. Not only will you not have to lift a finger to set up or tear down, you can trust that Aaron’s Estate Sales knows what they are doing. The owner of the company has apprenticed with one of the largest antique dealers in the state, and has hired knowledgeable staff to aid him. Aaron’s Estate Sales has set up, run, and organized more than 100 estate sales in just the past two years. Our family-oriented company is committed to getting top dollar back to the family. You can click on the ‘reviews’ tab at the top of the page to read reviews on our services written by real people if you don’t believe us! We have left many happy customers in our wake.

Helping You Manage Every Estate Sale Liquidation Project

Aaron’s Estate Sales, LLC, services the Metro Detroit area of Southwest Michigan. We focus on Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties, including Auburn Hills.

We know liquidating an estate involves more than just an estate sale- we also have local contacts that serve Auburn Hills, and can refer you to Auburn Hills businesses and individuals that will help you accomplish other daunting tasks that are involved in the process of estate liquidation after the passing of a loved one. For example, some of the services we can refer you to include:

  • Realtors
  • Property Appraisers
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pet Relocation
  • Contractor
  • Painters
  • Many other estate liquidation services available to Auburn Hills

Aaron’s Estate Sales, LLC, services the Metro Detroit area of Southwest Michigan. We focus on Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties, including Auburn Hills.

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