Aaron’s Estate Sales Will Take Care of Everything

  • Estate sales help you downsize and make money at the same time
  • Aaron’s Estate Sales has generated hundreds of thousands for clients
  • We’ll handle every aspect of your Livonia estate sale, down to cleaning up afterward

Scratching your head over what to do with the items in a late loved one’s estate? So frustrated that you’ve considered just donating it all or putting it out at the side of the curb? Take a deep breath (or two), sit down, and dial 248-915-8888 to reach the solution to your problems- Aaron’s Estate Sales, LLC.

We're in the Business to help You Have a Successful Estate Sale

We are a professional estate sale company serving metro Detroit that can aid in your Livonia estate liquidation. You may ask yourself why you should hire an estate sale company when you have plenty of experience with garage and yard sales- but estate sales are quite different. Aaron’s Estate Sales is staffed by knowledgeable experts, who knows what items are collectible and what they may be worth to collectors. Costume jewelry, clothing, old games and toys, bottles, electronics, even old newspapers- these are all items that can be highly desirable and fetch a higher price than you might think. Aaron’s Estate Sales has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for happy, satisfied clients in the six-plus years since they were established.

Aaron’s Estate Sales will handle every aspect of your estate sale- you won’t have to lift a finger. We value and price items, set up the residence for your estate sale, run and manage the sale, negotiate with customers, and even clean up afterward.

Our extensive knowledge is matched only by our extensive advertising resources. We will make use of our social media accounts, several different estate sale websites, and our e-mail list of over 2500 guests from previous estate sales in the metro Detroit area to attract the largest amount of customers to your Livonia estate sale.

Connecting You with Experts That Can Help

We also have a great number of contacts that serve Livonia we can recommend, including:

  • Realtors
  • Property Appraisers
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pet Relocation
  • Contractor
  • Painters
  • Many metro Detroit estate liquidation services available to Livonia

Aaron’s Estate Sales offers a free initial consultation- and we won’t try to dupe you for our own benefit. We’ll let you know if there isn’t profit to be made from selling the items of the estate in question. With no up front fees or charges, Aaron’s Estate Sales is a company of integrity you can trust to turn a profit from the liquidation of your estate.

You may navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the top of your screen and fill out the form to let us know details about your Livonia estate. A representative will contact you promptly to schedule your free initial consultation. You may also call us at 248-915-8888- the best time to begin the process of estate liquidation is as soon as possible. If you’re still on the fence, you can read reviews of our services written by clients just like yourself under the ‘Testimonials’ tab. That way, you can save your energy for other things you’ll need to take care of- perhaps even have a few moments to relax and unwind!

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