Aaron’s Estate Sales, LLC, Provides Estate Liquidation Services from Pricing to Debris Removal

  • Aaron’s Estate Sales will handle your entire Farmington estate sale
  • Free initial consultation to determine if an estate sale will work for you
  • Owner apprenticed with one of largest antique dealers in Michigan
  • Knowledgeable, professional estate sale company brings you profit from your Farmington estate liquidation

You may think that holding an estate sale is similar to a garage or yard sale. Since you’ve held plenty of those, you may feel like you can hold an estate sale of you or your family member’s Farmington residence by yourself, scoffing at suggestions that you contact a professional estate sale service. However, this is a mistake!

Trusted Estate Sale Liquidation in Farmington, MI

Estate sales are a whole different animal than a garage or yard sale for a number of reasons.

1) Estate sales happen inside a residence

You’ve never had to think about how you might set up a sale of all the items in your home or dealt with inviting bargain hunters into a building. Estate sales are set up and administered differently than garage or yard sales.

2) Estate sales require specialized knowledge

Estate sales are frequented by antique dealers and collectors that are searching estate sales for bargains on valuable items. You may let something worth a good deal of money go for much less than it is worth, especially if the items never belonged to you. Aaron’s Estate Sales was founded after the owner apprenticed with one of the largest antique dealers in Michigan, so we know our antiques and collectibles and will be able to price your items in order to bring the most profit to you and your family from your Farmington estate sale.

3) You may be in a less than optimal state of mind to run an estate sale

Estate sales require a lot of thought, planning and effort, which can be very difficult when you’re not running at full capacity, so to speak. The events resulting in a need for estate liquidation are often emotionally draining. These events can include a death in the family, a move to an assisted living facility, divorce, bankruptcy, job loss, or other financial difficulties. None of these things are pleasant, and you may have a lot of bad feelings, trouble sleeping, loss of energy- so hand the task off to Aaron’s Estate Sales.

We are a professional estate sale company that seeks to bring the family maximum profit from the liquidation of their Farmington estate. Our professional, knowledgeable staff will come to you for a free initial consultation, in which we’ll determine if an estate sale would be a profitable venture. If we mutually agree that it would be, you can kick up your feet and breathe easy, because we’ll do absolutely everything from that point on. We’ll price the items, arrange them in the Farmington residence for the estate sale, advertise the estate sale through various mediums, staff the sale, and handle debris removal afterward.

We Guide You Through Every Step of Your Estate Sale Liquidation

We can also recommend you to local, metro Detroit services near Farmington that can assist in any other estate liquidation needs you may have:

  • Realtors
  • Property Appraisers
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pet Relocation
  • Contractor
  • Painters
  • Many other local estate liquidation services near Oakland County and Farmington

Don’t hesitate- call 248-915-8888 to arrange your free initial consultation. We’ll come to you in Farmington and take it from there, so sit back and relax- the most effort you’ll have to put forth is holding out your hand to collect the profit generated from your estate sale!

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