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  • Aaron’s Estate Sales can bring maximum profit from liquidating your Huntington Woods estate
  • Full service, family-oriented professional estate sale service
  • Don’t worry- we do it all, from pricing to debris removal!

You may scoff at the idea of hiring a professional company to aid in your estate liquidation or downsizing. “I can do it myself,” you might be thinking, “After all, I don’t even know how many garage sales I’ve held.”

Estate sales are quite different than garage sales. They require a great amount of expertise and specialized knowledge to run successfully and generate a profit for your family. Collectors and antique vendors frequent estate sales for bargains on valuable items, and bargain hunters will purchase anything from kitchen glasses to cleaning supplies. Don’t get rid of or donate items! We’ll decide once we take a look at the estate what (if anything) is garbage or should be donated. Items you may consider worthless, like old clothes, magazines and newspapers, can hold a great deal of value to collectors.

You also may be in an emotional fragile state, as the events that lead to the need to liquidate or downsize an estate are often unpleasant, to say the least. Common reasons on might need to liquidate an estate include death in the family, divorce, bankruptcy, job loss, or a move to an assisted living facility. You’ll have more important things to focus on, and Aaron’s Estate Sales will handle every aspect of your Huntington Woods estate sale, from pricing and cleaning items, to managing the sale, we’ll see the event all the way through, even removing debris left form the sale.

We Manage Your Estate Sale Liquidations

Aaron’s Estate Sales was founded after the owner apprenticed with one of the largest antique vendors in Michigan. With over six years experience in the business and hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit generated for satisfied clients, we promise you, we really know what we’re doing and will be able to hold a successful estate sale at your Huntington Woods residence.

With no upfront fees or hidden costs, hiring a professional estate sale company to manage your Huntington Woods estate sale won’t be the big expense you might fear. Our greatest concern is generating profit for the family- not ourselves.

The first step is to get to your nearest phone and dial 248-914-8888 to speak with a representative of Aaron’s Estate Sales to arrange your free initial consultation. We’ll come to you in Huntington Woods to take a look at the items in your estate. If it is determined that an estate sale would be beneficial, we’ll take it from there!

A Successful Estate Sale with the Help of Experts

We have an extensive list of contacts we advertise to- our e-mail list has over 2500 names of people in Metro Detroit who may be interested in your estate sale. We advertise on a variety of different estate sale websites and also on our own website and social media accounts.

Through our years in the business, we have accumulated contacts and individuals that serve Oakland County and Huntington Woods, and can handle your other estate liquidation needs after the sale:

  • Realtors
  • Property Appraisers
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pet Relocation
  • Contractor
  • Painters
  • Many other metro Detroit estate liquidation services near to Wayne County and Huntington Woods

Don’t delay- call Aaron’s Estate Sales today! The best time to get started is now!

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