Aaron’s Estate Sales, LLC, Ensures Maximum Profit at Your Commerce Estate Sale

  • Aaron’s Estate Sales serves metro Detroit, including the Commerce area
  • Attract hundreds of customers to your Commerce estate sale
  • Liquidate your estate with a professional, knowledgeable company who seeks to return maximum profit for your family from your Commerce estate

Antique dealers, vintage collectors, and bargain hunters storm estate sales in metro Detroit and Commerce every weekend looking for special items for their inventory, for their home, for their collection or simply just because! Estate sales are one of the most effective tools used in estate liquidation- the often bring the family the most profit from the sale of items in the estate. There are many estate sale companies in Commerce, MI. Choose a company you can trust.

You Can Have a Successful Estate Sales

That being said, not just anyone can hold a successful estate sale! You should bring in a professional estate sale company like Aaron’s Estate Sales. We have a proven track record of hundreds of successful estate sales in the past two years alone, and have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for satisfied clients and happy families over the years. You can read what they have to say under the ‘testimonials’ tab!

The need for estate liquidation often results from an unpleasant, emotionally taxing event, such as:

  • Death in the family
  • Move to an assisted living facility
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Job loss
  • Need to downsize due to financial difficulties

Professional Support You Can Count

No matter the reason, any of these events may leave you in an emotional state that’s less than optimal for handling the liquidation of the Commerce estate. There’s a lot to worry about, and it can be overwhelming when you’re emotionally fragile.

That’s just one reason to hire a professional estate sale company like Aaron’s Estate Sales, LLC, to help you liquidate the estate in question by holding an estate sale at the residence. Many garage sale enthusiasts, collectors, and antique dealers frequent estate sales every weekend in search of items to complete their collection or add to their stock of merchandise. Aaron’s Estate Sales has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for many satisfied clients!

Another reason to hire a professional estate sale company is that for the most effective estate sale that returns the most to the family, a lot of specialized knowledge is required. Your first instinct may be to donate old clothing, toys, and cleaning supplies. You may want to toss old bottles and newspapers- but these are items that can hold a lot of value! We know what these items are, and can price them accordingly.

Over six years in the business has led to amassing an e-mail list of over 2500 names. These are all people interested in attending estate sales in metro Detroit and Commerce. We will also advertise your Commerce estate sale on websites like, locally on the metro Detroit craigslist, and on our growing social media accounts.

Our contacts also include businesses and individuals serving metro Detroit and Commerce that can take café of any estate liquidation needs you may have after the sale. We can recommend you to:

  • Realtors
  • Property Appraisers
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pet Relocation
  • Contractor
  • Painters
  • Many other local estate liquidation services available to Commerce

Don’t hesitate - the sooner you schedule your free initial consultation, the sooner we can get started! Aaron’s Estate Sales can schedule your sale weeks in advance to give us a proper amount of time to get the residence ready for the sale, so it makes the most sense to call 248-915-8888 and get the ball rolling as soon as you know you will need to liquidate a Commerce estate and hold an estate sale. It’s a large project, but never fear- Aaron’s Estate Sales will handle your entire Commerce estate sale from start to finish!

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